Earthquake Radar

Tools: HTML/CSS/Javascript/Leaflet/Mapbox/P5

Description: Interactive visualization of the most significant earthquakes in the month of October, relative to their nearest cities. Dense urban populations (populations greater than 10 million people) are also mapped as an additional layer for reference.

Goal: If an earthquake happens but there is no one around to feel it, did it really happen? In this project, I visualize the potential impact of the significant earthquakes by exploring the cities that are affected by more than one significant earthquake.

Data: USGS Latest Earthquakes

Data Collection: I used the USGS color scheme for this project, utilizing red, green, and black to make my radar narrative effective. The base layer with population density was designed in Mapbox. I imported this base layer and using leaflet, I added the USGS earthquake data from October. While the map shows the earthquake distribution, using canvas and P5, I created the “radar” that communicated with the map and provided contextual information about all the earthquakes relative to the city closest to the earthquake hovered on.

Audience: Data Visualization and Information Aesthetics classmates.

For the live project, please click here. For detailed documentation, please click here.