Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Finder

Tools: HTML/CSS/Javascript/JQuery/Mapbox/Leaflet/Node/PostgreSQL

Description: AA Meeting Finder is an interactive map application built from data scrapped from the web. It allows you to locate AA meetings in Mahattan based on schedule.

Goal: An application that helps users navigate the AA meetings around Manhattan effectively. This was part of the Data Structures course at Parsons.

Data: Alcoholic Anonymous of NYC static webpages.

Data Collection: Starting with the static webpages, I used the developer tools inspector to figure out a page's elements breakdown. Then I used node, cheerio, and async to parse out the data from the html pages and save them into JSON files (example: addresses of all meetings in one file). I used TAMU geolocation API to find the latitude and logitute of the meeting addresses. I used relational database PostGres to organize the data into relational tables that I would then use express to call to the front-end.

Audience: Parsons Data Structures Course.

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